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Hi there, Tony here, I hope you enjoyed my website, so now I would like to give you some information about myself. Lets just say on May 2002 I was 47 years old, single and currently reside in a town called Paisley which is in the district of Renfrewshire, about nine miles south west of Glasgow City Center. Plying my trade as a official taxi driver at Glasgow International Airport, I have the flexibility to be able to go Hillwalking, basically at the drop of a hat. Around five years ago, as a taxi driver, I found that I was constantly being asked questions about my own country from tourists and how little I knew about it. Since I was growing tired of the Spanish, partying till six in the morning, beach type holiday, I resolved to see more of Scotland. I usually manage 3-4 trips a year now and I have enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenic locations in Scotland. The peacefulness, openness and immensity of the hills and mountains is so appealing to one from the rat race, that it has now become a bit of an addiction to get away to the deep blue yonder. The dog you may see in some of the photographs is my border collie of six years from May 2002, called Shona. She's getting on a bit but always a wee place in my heart for this lady.

Tony Connery and Shona at Goat Fell

Updated as in Januray 2009, Shona my beautiful Border Collie is finished with her walking, she's not too well, shes the same as me, gettin past it. Most of my walks have been with Shona and watching her run wild while on a walk has given me so much joy. I still have quite a few walks that I have finished but they have still to be added to this website, approx 30 walks. Don't worry i'll be nipping the webmasters head to get his butt into gear. Just keep an eye on my Latest Walks guide for the updates.

Updated as in Januray 2012, Shona my beautiful Border Collie has passed away peacefully. I thank her for being my friend and I have many happy memories with her. You will all be able to look through my site and see the fun we have had. Right now I'm unemployed but this gives me scope for more walking throughout Scotland, so watch out for the latest walks on my home page.

Walk the Walk Everyone

I would like to thank my webmaster who has painstakingly redesigned my old website to the website that you are viewing now. This website is usually at 2000 page views per day at height of season and approx 350 to 600 page views during winter.!

Tony used to work as a Glasgow Airport Taxi Driver where he used to cover the services of Glasgow Airport Millennium Taxis. You will be able to find their company service at Tony has now retired from his job as a Glasgow Airport taxi driver. So we hope this will enable Tony the opportunity to go out on more fantastic walks and bring them back to you on this Scottish Walks site.

This website is dedicated to my passion - Walking throughout Scotland.
I have tried to share my experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels.
This is not an Official Guide but use only as a helpful hints & ideas to get you through the terrain.