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Our Tony Connery on one of his many Scottish Walks Tony would appreciate comments regarding his site and truly wishes that everyone has enjoyed visiting it even if you have never been to Scotland or that some of the walks start to bring back memories.


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Safety Walking Message
Never take Scottish Hillwalking lightly, always be prepared as the Scottish Climate can be very erratic to say the least!. I would always recommend that you purchase Ordinance Survey map of the area you find yourself in, they are invaluable and there are usually plenty of simpler local maps available from Scottish Tourist Offices etc. Remember to prepare yourself well and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for your Scotland walks. Always and I mean always let someone know where your walking and when you are expected back.
Keep walking in Scotland safe and enjoyable. We want you back.

Scottish Walks

This website is dedicated to my passion - Hill Walking in Scotland.
On this Scottish Walking website I have tried to share my Scottish Hillwalking experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels. Please do not treat this Scottish Walks website as an Official Guide but useful only as a helpful guide of hints & ideas to help you through the Scottish terrain from a true Scottish hillwalker. Always be respectful of the Scottish Countryside and say Hi if you see me or anyone on a on a walk, I know I will.

Connery Scottish Walks is now part of the Entire Scotland group. Their latest tourism website is their Scottish Borders Accommodation, guide.

I would like to thank - Double Glazing Window Quotes, who have sponsored this website, enabling me to pay the hosting of the site. Please say thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to keep this site going and expand with more walks for all of you to enjoy.

Tony used to work as a Glasgow Airport taxi Driver where you could find details of the company service at Tony has now retired from his job as a Glasgow Airport taxi driver. So we hope this will enable Tony the opportunity to go out on more fantastic walks and bring them back to you on this Scottish Walks sites.






This website is dedicated to my passion - Walking throughout Scotland.
I have tried to share my experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels.
This is not an Official Guide but use only as a helpful hints & ideas to get you through the terrain.