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Hillwalking Tarbet nr Scourie Highlands

Tarbet nr Scourie Highlands - A small Hamlet on the North west coast of Scotland
not far from the Highland villages of Scourie and Badnabay
includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing,
Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Tarbet nr Scourie Highlands- Scottish Walks.

Length: Duration:  2/3 Hours.
Difficulty: Easy O.S. 9

A lovely walk around the Tarbet area in the Highlands, the very north west of the area, is a loop the loop walk, starting in Tarbet, itself. So just getting yourself to the hamlet of Tarbet, via the A894, parking the car and getting your walking gear on, is all it takes. If it’s possible at all, have yourself a few days here for walking and sightseeing, as the remoteness and the far northerly location of the region dictates that it would be a waste to come this far for only one walk.

Tarbet is a really small village but deserves its place on the map, due to the beauty of the inlet and the nearby Handa Island. Should you wish to make a full day of it, take a boat trip to the island and you will comprehend what a bird sanctuary really means. Run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the island lies just off the coast, where boat excursions should be booked in high season but you can chance you luck out with this period.

The island has such species as puffins, fulmars and low flying skuas, so be careful as they will treat you to a personal experience of togetherness, by almost taking your head off. There is also the famous Shorehouse Restaurant which can provide an abundance of local seafood.

Loch Laxford leading to Fanagmore Tarbet
Loch Laxford
leading to Fanagmore Tarbet

Lochain and Ben Stack from Tarbet
Lochain and Ben Stack
from Tarbet

But to the journey. This is a B road walk, all the way or single track, if you like, so always keep on guard for the occasional car, coming and going from the isolated habitations. Start your way past an idyllic lochain and proceed upwards on the road, with a few houses sitting on your left. After a brisk beginning up the hill, the road levels off and your physical and mental wellbeing can take a load off. Soon after the cottages, the route takes you alongside Loch Gobhloch and then down towards the small settlement of Fanagmore and on reaching a junction, turn right to continue your stroll. A good idea is to take a few moments here as a fine panorama showing Loch Laxford with its myriad of islands and other parts of the mainland are definitely not to be missed.

Onwards, again, to another outcrop called Foindle but just before reaching this point another fine vista presents itself at Drum na Coille, where on a good weather day, the high hill of Ben Stack can be seen. From Foindle, you are past the halfway stage of the trip, however from here the scenery becomes a little mundane, although there are still a few lochains to behold but by this time you have already seen the best on offer and the sound of vehicles now come into play as the last mile of your journey, back to Tarbet and civilisation, can be heard. The senses now starts to focus on some sort of sustenance and the chance for well earned relaxation in the village.

Remote Foindle near Tarbet
Remote Foindle
near Tarbet

Tarbet with distant Handa Island
Tarbet with
distant Handa Island

Road out of Tarbet and Loch Dubh
Road out of Tarbet
and Loch Dubh

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