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St Mary's Loch

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Walking St Mary's Loch - Southern Uplands Walk


St Mary's Loch is the largest natural loch in the Scottish Borders,
and is located between Selkirk and Moffat on the A708 road
includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.


Walking St Mary's Loch - Scottish Borders - Scottish Walks.

Having finished early, I brought forward some of my destinations and finished the day with a driving trip all over the region. Northwards from the Tail, lies two lochs of the most scenic stature, that of Loch of the Lowes followed by St Mary’s Loch. Visitor attractions include the James Hogg Monument and the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Hogg was a local poet and Tibbie Shiels moved here with her husband in the nineteenth century and took in lodgers at the cottage where she lived, effectively turning it into the Inn

Reflections on Loch of the Lowes
Reflections on Loch of the Lowes

Flowers on St Mary’s Loch.
Flowers on St Mary’s Loch.

The walk around St Marys Loch took longer than expected as I kept stopping to view the even changing scenery.
I would stop at one point thinking it will not get any better and then another 15 minutes later I'm in awe again. Both walks on the Loch of the Lowes and St Mary's Loch are basiclaly circuit walks with St Mary's being the biggest Loch in the Scottish Borders can take quite a few hours so if you are due to take a stroll round this loch, bring plenty of memory cards for your camera - trust me when I say, you will use them up.




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