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Scottish Hillwalking Boots On this page I will be giving you some information on Boots & footware for your hillwalking exploits throughout Scotland. As your probulary aware, I have went through a few pairs during my time walking throughout Scotland.

On our Scottish Countryside there is many wide and varied terrains and it is always difficult to get the right pair for your to make your walk and hiking in Scotland as comfortable as possible. Look at the West Highland terrain, over 90 miles of varied surfaces and conditions. You definetly need a pair that is robust and comfortable giving you the confidene to go anywhere.


There is nothing worse than being out and about for the whole day or week walking in Scotland and then you find your boots are lettiing in water and or the Scottish Hillwalking Boots cold. I know for a fact tha this would make you hillwalking experience an experience that you would rather forget. So it is always best to have the perfect hillwalking boots that will keep your tootsies covered and warm all day all night.




Scottish Walks

This website is dedicated to my passion - Hill Walking in Scotland.

On this Scottish Walking website I have tried to share my Scottish Hillwalking experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels. Please do not treat this Scottish Walks website as an Official Guide but useful only as a helpful guide of hints & ideas to help you through the Scottish terrain from a true Scottish hillwalker. Always be respectful of the Scottish Countryside and say Hi! if you see me on a walk.