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Scottish Tents - Hillwalking in Scotland

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Scottish Tents

On this page I will be giving you some information on Tents for the days and nights that you have to settle down.Scottish Tents
I don't state to be the perfect guide to tents but I've used quite a few in my time and a few bigger Tents to boot as well.

I was more of the wee cheep and cheerful kind of tents, nothing like the big six man tent you can see in this picture to the right, but then its not always one person and his dog going walkabouts in Scotland.

Always and I mean always, dont forget the pegs for your tent. If you do, bits ot twiggs just ain't a good substitute but somtimes that just will have to do, don't you think Billy?, loll.

With Tents you have a huge choice to choose from with the little quick one man tents to get you a quick fix or the big 8 man berth tents that makes you feel like you've booked yourself into a self catering holiday.


Scottish Walks

This website is dedicated to my passion - Hill Walking in Scotland.
On this Scottish Walking website I have tried to share my Scottish Hillwalking experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels. Please do not treat this Scottish Walks website as an Official Guide but useful only as a helpful guide of hints & ideas to help you through the Scottish terrain from a true Scottish hillwalker. Always be respectful of the Scottish Countryside and say Hi if you see me on a walk.