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One of the essential equipment that any hillwalker needs is an ordinance survey Map. This will help you discover in details what you can expect on a walking day in the Scottish Countryside.
The most famous Maps are the ordinace survey maps.
They cover most areas and supplly a detailed list of information to help you have a safe and fantastic time walking in Scotland.


Ordinace Survey Map history

Ordnance Survey is a dynamic, self-financing £120-million-a-year civilian organisation. We’re at the forefront of the digital economy, producing digital mapping products and paper maps for business, leisure, administrative and educational use. They are still part of the UK Government, but they cover their own costs by selling their products and licensing others to use their data.

Since 1999 they have had government 'Trading Fund' status, giving them more responsibility for their own finances and planning and more freedom to develop new initiatives.



Scottish Walks

This website is dedicated to my passion - Hill Walking in Scotland.
On this Scottish Walking website I have tried to share my Scottish Hillwalking experiences with you, in the hope that you will have some idea where to walk and what to look out for on your travels. Please do not treat this Scottish Walks website as an Official Guide but useful only as a helpful guide of hints & ideas to help you through the Scottish terrain from a true Scottish hillwalker. Always be respectful of the Scottish Countryside and say Hi if you see me on a walk.