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Hillwalking Muirshiel Country Park


Muirshiel and Castle Semple Visitor Centres near Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire. Muirsfield Country Park was established around 1970 and covers over 100 square miles of land including, Ayrshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire. Here's a few walks for you.
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Hillwalking Muirshiel Park - Scottish Walks.

Castle Semple Walks

Castle Semple's Visitors Centre is an outdoor haven for enthusiasts of walking, bike riding and most forms of water sports. Situated on Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, it is open all year round. About 1 mile east of the centre there is a labyrinth of wooded walks that can be covered in a couple of hours and all are easy on the feet. A map of the routes is available at the Centres coffee shop. However, if you are of the " I must see a view" persuasion, then i would recommend the Parkhill walk, which rises up to offer superb views over Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch and beyond.

Castle Semple in Muirshiel Woods
Castle Semple
in Muirshiel Woods

Lochwinnioch with Castle Semple
with Castle Semple


Muirshiel Visitor Centre

The Muirshiel Centre is approximately 3 miles north of Lochwinnoch and is well signposted from the village. All walks at the Centre start from the car park. Here I shall describe 3 walks which can be done individually or take a full, let's say, leisurely, 8 hours to complete all 3. Please note that dogs are not allowed on walks that take in open fields.


Muirshiel Waterfall

A genuinely real easy walk to start the day. Just make your way down towards the river, following the marked signposts, past the barbeque area, then along the riverbank for about 10 minutes until you reach the waterfall. Here you must turn back for the centre and with views of the River Calder and Misty Law to your left, at least you can say you've got the old legs working.

River Calder at Muirshiel Park
River Calder
at Muirshiel Park

Misty Law
at Muirshiel



I found this walk the best of the bunch. Give yourself around an hour for this 1200 yard walk that takes you up through some pretty dark, dense forestry, on a wooden path, ( watch out for the bogey man ) and then leaves you in open fields with Windyhill immediately in view. Another 700 yards will let you reach the summit of this small hill, which offers splendid views of Misty Law to the west and Strathclyde to the east.I would have taken a photograph of Strathclyde from this point but damn those pylons.

Near Windyhill in Muirshiel
Near Windyhill
in Muirshiel


The Top
of Windyhill

South West from Windyhill to Misty Law Muirshiel
South West from Windyhill
to Misty Law Muirshiel


Barytes Mine Walk

Heading north away from the centre, through a gate, pick up the track that will lead you through the Calder Glen, around the base of Queensmuir and eventually to the old disued barytes mine. The first few mile of this walk is quite scenic as you pass through the glen but alas and alack when you hit the open moorland things become quite bland. Still it's worth a walk and should take around 2 hours there and back.




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