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Hillwalking Ministers Path from Glen Prosen to Glen Clova

Ministers Path starts from Glen Prosen all the way to Glen Clova. Located south East of Braemar, Aberdeenshire approx 7 miles.
This area is fantastic for Fishing, Cycling, running and a great base for touring the North East Coast.

Hillwalking Minister's Path - Scottish Walks.

Minister's Path - Glen Prosen to Glen Clova.
Location; Aberdeenshire.
Difficulty; Easy. - Duration; 2 Hour.

From Glenprosen village to Glen Clova there exists a walk that as it's named suggests, was a path taken by a minister as he tried to preach, many moons ago, to two of the local communities on, any given Sunday. The highest part of the walk is at Knachly, 489mtrs and must have been a bit of a struggle during winter days.

Start from behind Glenprosen village for the 4 mile walk to Glen Clova. You can't get lost and the path is what it is.... a path. Glen Clova can be seen from the initial path and is never out of sight.

Start of Ministers Path at Glen Prosen
Star of Ministers Path
at Glen Prosen


Looking down to Glen Prosen from Ministers Path
Looking down to Glen Prosen
from Ministers Path

View from Ministers Path
view from
Minister's Path


Easy walking, with absolutely no problems for the entire walk and plenty of scope for taking in the lovely scenery. The route will eventually lead to Glen Clova and the path is in really fine condition all the way, only the minister will have seen it at its worst, in days of yore.

Knachly on Minister 's Path
Knachly on Minister 's Path






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