Hillwalking Mam Ratagan, Shiel Bridge, Kintail Scottish Walks with Tony Connery
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Hillwalking Mam Ratagan, Shiel Bridge

Mam Ratagan - A very steep walk above Shiel Bridge in Kintail, Kyle of Lochalsh,
includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing,
Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Mam Ratagan, Shiel Bridge - Scottish Walks.

Length: 2 mile return Duration:  3 Hours.
Difficulty: 7/10 O.S.

The return distance of the Mam Ratagan walk is only around two miles but it is a very, very steep road walk from the edge of the local village, Shiel Bridge. The accommodation in Shiel Bridge is minimal but there is the famous Scottish Youth Hostel, in which I stayed and used as my starting point. The hostel is well signposted and at the time of my visitation there was the usual obligatory Australian working there. After a hearty breakfast, I readied my backpack with water, sandwiches, camera and anti midge lotion and set off.

The road leading to Mam Ratagan viewpoint lies around 500 yds from the hostel, so no problem there. While the route upwards can sometimes be bereft of cars, caution still has to be taken, cos you never know the minute. The road seems to be a continuation of sharp bends, which are thankfully treelined, as I was travelling on an extremely hot day and they gave me some shadow.

Glimpses through the trees as you go upwards are pretty compelling but it is better to wait until you reach the viewpoint, which has a small car park, incidentally. Views here are stunning, even unrivalled, I might add. Looking one way are the Five Sisters of Kintail, a range of hills, which contain Munros and looking the other are the delights of Loch Duich, while inbetween there is the village of Morvich to admire. Great experience.

Ratagan Youth Hostel Shiel Bridge
Ratagan Youth Hostel
Shiel Bridge

Mam Ratagan Road
Mam Ratagan
Forstry Road

Morvich over Loch Duich
Morvich over
Loch Duich, Kintail

5 Sitsters of Kintail with Loch Duich
5 Sitsters of Kintail
with Loch Duich

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