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Hillwalking Lochnagar

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Lochnagar or Beinn Chìochan is a mountain in the Grampians of Scotland, located about five miles south of the River Dee near Balmoral. The Braemar Castle dates from the 17 century.
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Hillwalking Lochnagar - Scottish Walks.

Length: 3 mile Duration:  4 Hours.
Difficulty: 4/10 O.S.

Any Scottish hillwalker worth his salt has either heard of or would like to walk to Lochnagar. So since I was spending a week in Braemar, it had to be done. The route I decided on can be seen on any Ordnance Survey map as the one from near the Lochnagar distillery. Since Ordnance Survey maps are excellent in their own way, walkers still need directions when they are on the ground, unfortunately signposts, on this route for Lochnagar are sadly lacking, in fact I almost took the wrong path myself right at the start of the walk, thankfully while just a few yards into a path, I happened upon a local person, who put me right with directions, otherwise I could have wasted time just walking in the wrong direction. Come on the powers that be....help us.

Looking from the North to Lochangar
Looking from North to Lochnagar

Looking from the North to Lochnagar.

The path initially starts at the entrance to the Balmoral Estates near a small post office and goes through some forestry and when coming to a junction in the path, take the left path for a few hundred yards and then we are in open country with Lochnagar visible in the distance.  Looking to the right contains a splendid view of the Deeside, which stays with you for about a mile when the path turns southwards, heading for Lochnagar.

Another mile later the path gives you a choice, whether to take the high route to the left or the more difficult path to the right, which stops short of Lochnagar by about 2 mile. I took the later and found it somewhat challenging since either rocks, heavy heather or boggy ground has to be negotiated. However since faint heart never won the fair maiden, I struggled on, to be rewarded with the awesomeness and magnificence that is Lochnagar.   The full walk took around 6 hours, Enjoy!

Looking West from Lochnagar Path.
Looking West from Lochnagar Path




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