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Hillwalking Loch Faskally

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Loch Faskcally is a loch that runs in a reservoir into Loch Tummel above Pitlochry.

Hillwalking Loch Faskally - Scottish Walks.

Pitching my tent at the Faskally campsite, north of Pitlochry, I was delighted to discover a walk on the sites doorstep. Going to the edge of the site, I stumbled upon a small but walkable path, that after making a few enquiries was told that the path would lead all the way, always beside the river and under the cover of trees, to the Pitlochry Power Station and was indeed a loop the loop walk back to the campsite. That will do for me, I thought

Heading south 1 mile from the Loch Faskally Campsite will eventually lead you to Loch Faskally, which is an excellent spot for catching a glimpse of salmon leaping and boats can be hired if you are into fishing.

Loch Faskally
Loch Faskally

The walk carries on lochside until Pitlochry, itself, and past the Power Station, where there is a salmon ladder and visitors can view the salmon swimming upstream through a glass window.

Pitlochry Power Station.
Pitlochry Power Station

Looking at Pitlochry Power Station and Dam.
Pitlochry Power Station and Dam


About a half mile past the power station cross the bridge to the other side of the River Tummel and perhaps have some lunch or dinner at the Portnacraig Inn, surrounded by quaint little cottages.

Portnacraig Inn.
Portnacraig Inn

Cottages at Portnacraig
Portnacraig Cottages

Immediately after Portnacraig you may want to pay a visit to the famous Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry's Atholl Road.
Pitlochry's Atholl Road

Travelling on, you go past the power station again and make your way homeward. You can cross over back to the original side of the loch at the Clunie footbridge or wait until you reach Garry Bridge, I would recommend the latter. Taking it easy and stopping for a bite to eat, give yourself a good 7-8hrs.





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