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Hillwalking Isle of Mull on Loch Frisa

Loch Frisa is located in the North part of Isle of Mull
some 4 miles south of Tobermory.
The Mull area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Walking Loch frisa, Isle of Mull - Scottish Walks.

Loch Frisa, Isle of Mull.
Difficulty; Easy. - Duration; 3 - 4 Hour. O.S. 47

Loch Frisa is a simple and easy walk, which can be accessed from three different angles, two from the north of the loch and one from the south, the southerly one being the longer of the three along Glen Aros starting on the A848 near Aros Cottage just before Salen. These walks are to the north of the island. The beauty of the southerly route is that the glaze of the sun will not really bother you

The route from the north, described here, can be as long as you want it to be, even all the way to Salen, and since you will encounter many dog lovers along the way, it tells you that this is another comfortable popular walk..

Loch Frisa path from Achnadrish
Loch Frisa Path
from Achnadrish, Mull

Starting at Achnadrish, (Just north of Loch Frisa), B8073, with only a small parking area, just follow your nose through a little forestry and then to open plan. After around one mile, Loch Frisa comes slightly into view before reaching a lot of forestry after another mile. Once through this

First sight of Loch frisa Isle of Mull
Start of Loch Frisa
Isle of Mull
Start of Loch Frisa Isle of Mull
First sight of Loch Frisa
Isle of Mull

Once through this woodland, you are already half way down the loch and can tie up with the Glen Aros walk or return back to Achnadrish. The O.S. MAP 47 is a good idea to have on your person as there are many walks around the area.

Loch frisa Isle of Mull
Loch Frisa
Isle of Mull

This walk is on the south side of the loch and the other one on the north side also takes in a fish farm, which some may find interesting. All you do for this walk is follow the signs for the fish farm about one mile east of Achnadrish. Remember your water bottle here as there is very little coming off the surrounding hills.

We hope you enjoyed this Loch Frisa Walk Experience


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