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Linn of Dee Circuit is approx 3 miles west of Braemar. An enjoyable walk that can last the whole day.
The Braemar Castle dates from the 17 century.
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Walking Linn of Dee Circuit - Scottish Walks.

Length: 12 mile Duration:  8 Hours.
Difficulty: 3/10 O.S. 43

Starting at the picturesque Linn of Dee bridge, this walk will take you most of the day, as the duration is 14 ml. The first part is an easy walk for around 3 miles following the River Dee, on a land rover footpath until you reach White Bridge. From here the path gets much smaller being only 2ft wide at some parts, but this is offset thanks to a few scenic little waterfalls and the first sight of Bienn Bhrotain and the Devil's Point. This is also an area where low flying jets are on training missions and the noise they create overhead can be deafening. One such jet passed over me just past White Bridge and being the kind of guy I am, gave him a wave, do you know the cad didn't even acknowledge me by flashing his hazard lights....some people. Traveling ever northwards the Devil's Point just grows larger and larger until eventually you are underneath it, an awesome sight to behold.

Looking at Beinn Bhratain from East
Beinn Bhratain from East

Close up to the Devil's Point.
Close up to the Devil's Point

The path from here splits, though it is not very well defined, so keep your eyes peeled, northwards will take you through the Lairaig Ghru onwards past Cairn Toul, Ben Macdhui and Braeriach until you reach Aviemore. However, for us, we will almost turn back on ourselves and take the path that leads us back to the car park. This path straddles the side of Carn a Mhaim for about 2 miles. and then descends into Glen Lui and Lui Water can be seen meandering through some forestry, a view that would touch the hearts of artists. The next landmark is Derry Lodge and the path becomes more civilized here with easy walking for another 3 miles. until you reach the car park. Although the legs were suffering at the end, this is a real fine walk that took me about 8hrs. complete. Enjoy.

The Bridge at Linn of Dee.
Bridge at Linn of Dee

Entrance to the Lairaig Ghru
Entrance to the Lairaig Ghru




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