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2 miles south of Braemar you will find Jock's Road, famous for the Scottish Rights of Way act.
The Braemar Castle dates from the 17 century.
includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Walking Jock's Road - Scottish Walks.

Length: 4 mile Duration:  4 Hours.
Difficulty: 3/10 O.S. 43/44

By the way click here for some of the history of Jock's Road which is rather interesting regarding the Scottish Rights of Way Act, but to start, let's get walking.    About 2 miles south of Braemar on the A93 on the opposite side of the road from Auchallater farm, there is a small car park that is the start of a days walk to Glen Clova.  However for this page we are only concerned with reaching Jock's Road, which only involves a few hours.

This is the Start of Jock's Road
Start of Jock's Road

Looking at Loch Callater from the North
Loch Callater seen from North

From the car park, go through the gate, (close it) and just keep to the path, which has Creag na Dearcaige on the left, which has an abundance of purple heather on its hillside and Sron Dubh on the right. Callater Burn dissects the hills and is a constant companion for most of the journey to Loch Callater. It is worth stopping and listening to the sounds of a river, stream or burn as these sounds, sometimes subconsciously are the reason we take in a lot of hillwalking and climbing. After about one and a half miles we cross over to the other side of the burn and carry on until Loch Callater Lodge comes into view, then a first glance of Loch Callater itself comes into view. To keep yourself on track, keep right of the Lodge and stick as close as you can to the lochside as the path becomes sporadic and difficult to see at this stage. Here the one foot wide path is soft, watery and boggy, so good watertight hillwalking boots are essential. You are out in the country now, boy.

Callater Burn.
Callater Burn

Loch Callater
Loch Callater

 At the end of the loch the valley opens out and to your left Creag an Fhir shaighde is dominant, you are approaching the start of Jock's Road here as you follow the stream Allt an Loch, southwards. This walk can take you all the way to Glen Clova but would take most of the day, I retuned to the car park, which made this about an all round journey of around 9/10 miles and took about 4 hours. A fine walk indeed.




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