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Inverarnan Falls

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Hillwalking Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond

Inverarnan Falls is located on the Northern tip of Loch Lomond on the eastern side.
The Inverarnan area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond - Scottish Walks.

Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond.
Difficulty; 7/10. - Duration; 1 Hour. O.S. 56

Although the walk to the Inverarnan waterfall is relatively short in distance, the ascent there is really steep and a good sense of balance is essential.                       

Off the A82 at Inverarnan, about 200 mtrs north of the famous Drover’s Inn and 1 mile north of Loch Lomond a bridge to your right will lead you to a small campsite, which one would do well to remember, as this provides an excellent ground base for the Falloch and Arrochar hills. The bridge which oversees the River Falloch sets you on your way to the campsite. Incidentally, it has a shop and a few wigwams and seems to be set on farmland.

Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond
Shona at Inverarnan,
Loch Lomond

Behind the site an easily defined path leads up to the waterfall and it is part of Meall Mor Nan Eag 624 mtrs. The falls are very distinct from the A82 but their real beauty are to be seen close up, so the effort in getting there is well worth the sweat. Care should be taken at all times as the route will test the best of thighs and the path is also quite narrow.

Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond
Inverarnan Falls,
from a distance
Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond
Looking down on
Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond

At the start, you will crossover another path which is actually the West Highland Way and the surrounding scenery unfolds to give the walker fine views northwards to the Falloch Hills, westwards to Troisgeach 733 mtrs. and Beinn Damhain 684 mtrs. and then, southwards down the River Falloch valley.

Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond
Inverarnan Falls,
Loch Lomond

On approaching the main area of the falls, which should take no more than 1 hr., you will find the land somewhat boggy and the falls fenced off for your own safety. They are quite intimidating at this point as you are only a few metres away and the noise of the water adds to the ambiance, so enjoy and take care.

Northwards from Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond
Northwards from
Inverarnan Falls, Loch Lomond

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