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Grey Mares Tail

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Hillwalking Grey Mares Tail - Southern Uplands Walk


Grey Mare's Tail is approx a 60 metre valley waterfall near to Moffat in southern Scotland.
The fall main source is the Tail Burn gently delivered from Loch Skeen anding up as a creshendo into the bottom valley below.
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Walking Grey Mares Tail - Scottish Walks.

Tuesday 28th June. 2011.

On the first day of my 3 day walk in the moffat are, my main objective was to visit a well known attraction of the vicinity, called The Grey Mares Tail. This is a waterfall of some standing and is supplied from the waters of nearby Loch Skene.

Start of Walk to Grey Mares Tail
Start of Walk to Grey Mares Tail

Grey Mares Tail with Waterfall
The Grey Mares Tail with Waterfall

There are two car parks by the roadside and the treck starts here. Cross over a small bridge, climb some rocky steps and the full track leading to the falls is clearly visible. To reach the falls should only take about fifteen minutes, however should you want to continue to Loch Skeen, 1 mile north of white coomb, on this path, the whole trip will take around two hours.



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