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Hillwalking Glenshee


Carn an Tuirc                      Creag nan Cabhar                      Glen Taitneach

Glenshee is approx 10 miles south of Braemar and approx 8 miles east of Pitlochry.
My Glenshee routes has 3 lovely walks which are Carn an Tuirc, Creag nan Cabhar and Glen Taitneach.
Please look over my 3 Glenshee Hillwalks which are listed below.
Glenshee area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Glenshee - Scottish Walks.

Spittal of Glenshee is a stop off for a cup of tea on the way to Braemar. That is all the bus run tourist sees before getting back on the bus but for the walker there is plenty of scope. A welcome oasis in a desert of rivers, glens and hills, the whole area has plenty to offer. There is only one hotel in the Spittal but this gives all the requirements needed, as in expensive or cheap accommodation, a restaurant and a bar, sometimes with entertainment and a bus service on the A93. There are no shops. I spent a mid-week here where even the excitment of travelling to Glenshee gave me an auxilirating fee for the whole mid-weekl.

Carn an Tuirc

Carn an Tuirc is a lovely one and a half mile south of the Callater walk

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Carn and Turic Walk

Creag nan Cabhar

Creag nan Cabhar to Loch Callater which is near to the Glenshee Ski Centre

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Sgor Mor from Creag nan Cabhar

Glen Taitneach

Without a doubt my favourite and best walk in the whole district was Glen Tatnach nr Dalmunzie.

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Glen Taitneach, Glenshee


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