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Hillwalking Glen Doll, Angus

Glen Doll is a valley carring white water in angus district
and running South East to River South Esk at head Glen Clova.
This Scottish Countryside, Glen Doll area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Climbing and Touring.

Hillwalking Glen Doll Angus - Scottish Walks.

Length: 2 miles each way Duration:  4 Hours Return.
Difficulty: 3/10 O.S. 44

A favourite with hillwalkers is Jock's Road, an old cattle drove and probably smuggling route, which runs from almost Braemar to Glen Clova, depending on which way you are smuggling.

From the Glen Clova side, take the car as far as you can to the end of the glen, to the parking area. From the car park at Acharn at the very north of Glen Clova the path is easily spotted and enters into forestry right away and also Glen Doll. For some few miles it is a mediocre, forestry path, with a few tree roots to navigate through, so remember to wear your boots. The path eventually opens out onto Jock's Road itself and the forest falls behind. After another half mile there is a viewpoint which looks back down the Glen with the Dounalt escarpment to your right. 4hrs return.

By this stage you are into the meat and bones of Jock's Road, so you may want to travel on and eventually pass Loch and Glen Callater, which is near the end of the full walk. This would be an all day shot, so it would be a good idea to have some tranport waiting at Achallater.

Start on Jock's Road near to Glen Doll
Start of Glen Doll Path
at Acharn

Walkers on Jock's Road near to Glen Doll
Path leading from Jock's Road
nr Dounalt Escapement, Glen Doll

Dounalt Escapement

Walkers on Jock's Road near to Glen Doll
Walkers on Jock's Road
near to Glen Doll

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