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Glen Croe

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Hillwalking Glen Croe with the Rest and be Thankful

Glen Croe is located in the Argyll area with a great viewpoint from the "Rest and be Thankful".
The area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Glen Croe, Argyll - Scottish Walks.

Glen Croe Argyll.
Difficulty. Easy. Duration. 1 Hour. O.S. 56

The Rest and Be Thankful viewpoint and car park on the A83, is well named since it gives some respite whether you are cycling, running, walking or even driving your dream car, you still need a break and this is good a site as any. The original road ran through the glen at a lower level and was apparently called “the drover’s road” and the soldiers constructing it ( military road, circa 1750 ) were said to be thankful of a rest having reached the top of the glen. 

Glen Croe, The Cobbler and the Brack
Glen Croe,
The Cobbler and the Brack

Glen Croe from North with Brack
Glen Croe
from North with Brack

At the car park, about four miles west of Arrochar, it joins the B828 to Lochgoilhead. The glen itself is best viewed and walked from the car park, where the farm road path descends into the valley, from the south side of the car park and the surrounding fields are open, for the most part and a few small bridges are visible still guiding some streamlets into Croe Water in the valley basin. Walking is really comfortable and after around two miles the path reaches forestry, which is a thankful relief on a warm, balmy day and walking continues for another two miles with trees and the stream for company until reaching The Visitor Centre near Ardgartan.

Cottage on Glen Croe
on Glen Croe

Shona and Ben Donich
Shona and
Ben Donich, Argyll

Glen Croe is enhanced by the adjacent hills of Ben Donich 847, The Brack 787 and The Cobbler 884. It is also a cycle path. While you are in the area and still have time to kill as the walk may only take around two to three hours depending on your desired length of journey, why not take in local villages such as Strachur, Lochgoilhead or Cairdow and maybe have lunch at the famous Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. Remember always to have a map of the area nearby and an Ordinance Survey map is invaluable.



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