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Hillwalking South Gigha

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Isle of Gigha is a small Island off the west coast of Kintyre
close to Campbeltown and is off the east cost of Isle of Mull.
The area includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking South Isle of Gigha - Scottish Walks.

Gigha Isle.
Difficulty. 1/10. Duration. 2 Hrs. O.S. 62.

South to Cara Island.

          Leaving Ardminish, be it from the campsite or from the hotel make your way south on the M6 ( joke ) and ready yourself for the two to three mile walk. The journey is straightforward, straight down south and straight back up again. On your way, firstly, you will encounter the village hall with football field at its rear, for the Gigha Strollers, then the entrance to Achmore Gardens, which is really worth a look, remember, all the time in the world.

Windfarms and Cows on Gigha
Windfarms and Cows
on Gigha
Gigha Airport

Keeping on the single track road after the gardens, enjoying the roadside flora, you will come to the windfarm, consisting of three wind turbines and then onto a wonderfull airstrip that takes one back to the olden days and similar to the beach runway on Barra, further up the coast, in that the plane arriving on Gigha has to land on what effectively is a cow field. After that there is the pier, an old one at that and from this point the small deserted islands of Cara and Gigulum can be sighted.  There are a few beaches at the southern end that may be attractive to the walker to spend a few hours beachcombing.

Cara Island and Airstrip, Gigha
Cara Island and
Airstrip, Gigha
Cuddyport Beach with Craro Island, Gigha
Cuddyport Beach with
Craro Island, Gigha

On return, depending on where the tide is, another beach walk is available at the indented southern end of Ardminish Bay. Take the small farmlike road, to the right, to North Drumachro and this will lead you onto the beach, with Ardminish in sight….follow your nose home or the smell of the seaweed.


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