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Hillwalking North Gigha

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Isle of Gigha is a small Island off the west coast of Kintyre
close to Campbeltown and is off the east cost of Isle of Mull.
The area includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking North Isle of Gigha - Scottish Walks.

Gigha Isle.
Difficulty. 1/10. Duration. 2 Hrs. O.S. 62.

North via Tarbert Farm.
          Should you wish, the north and west can easily be conquered within six or seven hours by taking the only road from Ardminish northwards past the golf course on the left, have a game, if you like, and keep going till you reach a farm, Druimyeon, where a track leads off to the left and leads to the Mill Loch and then to Creag Bhan which is a colossal one hundred metres in height but still offers views in every direction and is easily scaled. 


Paps of Jura from Tarbert Farm Gigha
Paps of Jura from
Tarbert Farm, Gigha

Paps of Jura from Tarbert Farm Gigha
Mill Loch in foreground
West Gigha

Onward and upward to the north of the island, save this for day two, and this is achieved by taking the only main road again. With Creag Bhan always in sight, to your left, carry on forward until you reach Tarbert Farm an area where everything seems to be called Tarbert, i.e. the two bays on each side of the land and the farm. From the farm great panoramic views of Islay and Jura are there for your memories.

Creag Bhan, Gigha
Creag Bhan,
Isle of Gigha
East Tarbert Bay and Mainland, Gigha
East Tarbert Bay and
Mainland, Gigha

As you travel past the farm the last scenic sight is the twin beaches almost at the north of Gigha near Eilean Garbh, almost another island but connected by a thin strip of land which has the sandy beaches on both sides.


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