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Hillwalking Isle of Gigha

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Isle of Gigha is a small Island off the west coast of Kintyre
close to Campbeltown and is off the east cost of Isle of Mull.
The area includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Isle of Gigha - Scottish Walks.

Gigha Isle.
Difficulty. 1/10. Duration. 2 Hrs. O.S. 62.

          Gigha, “God’s Isle” or the “Good Isle”, is a small, some would say, insignificant, island, off the west coast of Kintyre, directly opposite Tayinloan, where the ferry awaits would be visitors to the island.
Ardminish is the only port of call on the island, the capital, if you wish and lies at the south eastern edge of this isle, it has a fine bay and is a mooring spot for many seafarers. There is The Boathouse which is a restaurant and bar where sailors or visitors can refresh themselves, a school, a hotel and a shop, plus a few houses and that’s about it. Well, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want it any other way. The island itself is six miles long from north to south and only one and a half miles wide.

The history of the place runs along the usual Scottish rhetoric/ lore and folklore /of kings, wars and dragons etc. with the Mac Neills seeming to be the predominant clan of the area, although, what is definitely true, is that a certain Mr James Horlick of late night drinks empire fame bought the island in 1944 and  it was then bought in turn by the islanders themselves and is now run by a development trust called the Isle of Gigha National Heritage Trust.

Moorings at Ardminish Bay, Gigha
Moorings at Ardminish Bay
Isle of Gigha

Gigha Hotel and Arts center
Gigha Hotel and Gigha Arts center

Shona and the Gigha Sunrise
Shone and Gigha Sunrise

Mr Horlick founded the now famous Achmore Gardens, which thanks to the very fertile soil of the island, hosts many exotic plants and they alone also attract numerous birdlife that may not ordinarily have been present in the area. Also thanks to the soil, the island is mainly of a farming persuasion although the tourist trade is now becoming important and the population and popularity of Gigha is on the rise.


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