Walking Loch Morlich, Cairngorms with Tony Connery

Loch Morlich

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Walking Loch Morlich

Walking the Cairngorms
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Loch Morlich can be located at the southern end of Queen's Forest, Glenmore Forest Park in the
old district of Bandenoch and Strathspey. The loch is 4 miles North West of Cairn Gorm.
This Cairngorm Scottish Countryside has amazing places for Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Climbing and Touring.

Walking Loch Morlich - Scottish Walks.

Length: 4 mile Duration:  1.5 Hours.
Difficulty: 1/10 O.S.

The first day my Cairngorms walking experience was took me the 4 mile walk from my campsite in Coylumbridge, just outside Aviemore, to the placid Loch Morlich, where all the watersport activities you want are available, there is a beach and a restaurant on the shore and the surrounding hill forests are littered with easy walks, too many to mention here but can be found in local maps.

Loch Morlich Entrance
Entrance to
Loch Morlich

Lairig Ghru Hillwalking
Yaghts at
Loch Morlich

This lovely walks was as gentle as you could get and you'll never be lonely as it has a pathway that been used for many years and is still used by walkers today. It's only a couple of hours walk but you usually stop to take in the quite relaxing atmospehere.

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