Hillwalking Eildon Hills by Melrose & St Boswells Scottish Walks with Tony Connery

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HILLWALKING EILDON HILLS by Melrose and St Boswells


Eildon Hills, Scottish Borders - 3 hills located a couple of mile south of Melrose and north of Newtown St Boswells.
Many local tourist attractions include Melrose Golf Club with is situated below Eildon Hills. We also have Dryburgh Abbey.
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Hillwalking Eildon Hills - Scottish Walks.

Length: 3 mile Duration:  4 Hours.
Difficulty: 4/10 O.S.

The Eildon Hills or Trimontium ( 3 hills ) as they were known to our Roman friends of yesteryear, can provide even your novice hillwalker with a good 4 hrs exercise and entertainment. Eildon Hills is situated between Melrose & Newtown St Boswells in the Scottish Borders.

Eildon Hills nr Melrose in the Scottish Borders from Scott's View
Eildon Hills
from Scott's View


Looking at Galashiels from Eildon Hill
Looking at Galashiels
from Eildon Hills

Shona and Eildon Hill North nr Melrose in the Scottish Borders
Shona on
Eildon Hills

 The path starts near the southern side of the main squarein Melrose. Take the b6359, go under the by-pass bridge and the path is signposted at a small alley that takes you through some houses up some wooden steps and onto an open field and then through a kissing gate.

Basically from the kissing gate just follow the path as it leads to a saddle between Eildon North Hill and Eildon Mid Hill, scale the two hills if have time but Mid Hill, for me, has the better views. The third hill is somewhat smaller but has easy paths from the other two hills.

The Summit of Eildon Mid Hill nr Melrose in the Scottish Borders
Summit of Eildon
Mid Hill




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