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Hillwalking Cuillins Mountains, Isle of Skye

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North Skye is part of the isle of Skye which is one of the biggest Scottish Islands. The area includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing,
Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Cuilins Mountains, Isle of Skye - Scottish Walks.

Length: 2 mile Duration:  3 Hours.
Difficulty: 2/10 O.S. 32

A boat trip on the “Misty Isle” from Elgol took me to The Cuillins, this beautiful mountain range that is synonymous with Skye and well known to walkers and climbers worldwide. The trip of about an hour, if my memory serves me well, leaves the walker or climber at the southern end of Loch Coruisk, at an improvised jetty on the Cuillins doorstep.

Cuillins Mountains from Elgol Slipway, Skye
Cuillins Mountains from
Elgol Slipway Skye

Loch Coruisk, Cuillins, Skye
Loch Coruisk, Cuillins, Skye
Cuillins Mountains, Skye

Walking towards the loch, one has to negotiate stepping stones over a small river, or if in full spate, a large river, depending on your view. Since I was with dog at the time and my stay was limited, due to the fact that a local wedding was taking place that day and the captain of the ”Misty Isle” was basically doing me a favour ( money talks ) I only had time for a walk around the shore of the loch. I didn’t fancy exposing the dog to the Munros that were available, anyway. Walking around some of the loch was quite satisfying in itself, in that there was no pressure to climb mountains and that the peaks were actually covered in cloud, anyway. The route around the shore is very manageable with a few boggy parts but this part of the world, while being beautiful, on a fine sunny day, also, for me, held a sense of eeriness and foreboding, just as does Glencoe and I wasn’t displeased to make my way back to the boat. Maybe it was just the weather.

Squrr na Stri, Cuillins with Bad Step, Skye
Squrr na Stri
Cuillins with Bad Step, Skye

Quirang with Prison, Skye
Sunset over the Cullins
Isle of Skye

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