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Hillwalking Craigmore

Craigmore, Aberfoyle - A small hill which is 387 meters and is located just north of Aberfoyle in the west side of Stirlingshire,
1 mile north of Aberfoyle nr Achray Forest and west of Menteith Hills
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Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Craigmore - Scottish Walks.

Length: 2 mile Duration:  3 Hours.
Difficulty: 5/10 O.S. 57

Well I wanted a wee relaxing day so I opted for Craigmore. This is a good days outing tackling Craigmore, a hill of some 387 metres just north of Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire. You can see Craigmore as you approach Aberfoyle from the south on the A81 as it dominates the area.

The starting point can easily be missed, so keep your eyes open. If you turn right at the Aberfoyle Visitor Centre and walk about 50 yards, you will see an opening on the left hand side of the road, which is the start of your journey. A steep, first 200 metres through heavy forestry, will eventually level out a little, to stunning open views of Aberfoyle and the surrounding area with loch Ard and loch Chon to the west. Hillwalking Craigmore can be done at a nice relaxed pace and on continued walking you will reach the summit, this should take approx 2 hours.

The Aberfoyle visitor centre itself is worth a visit with some fine walking among the forest. Various walks take in a fair bit of wildlife and most are low level and easy.

Looking at Craigmore north of Aberfoyle
Craigmore, north
of Aberfoyle

Loch Ard Forest Aberfoyle
Loch Ard Forest
& Aberfoyle

Aberfoyle n Loch Ard Forest
Looking down
on Aberfoyle from Craigmore

Beinn Narnairn next to the Cobbler
Tony on Craigmore
Looking at Loch Ard

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