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Mull Isle, Crackaig

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Hillwalking Isle of Mull on Crackaig

Crackaig is located in the North West of Isle of Mull
with a great views out to Treshnish Isles and Coll Isle.
The Mull area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Crackaig, Isle of Mull - Scottish Walks.

Crackaig, Isle of Mull.
Difficulty; Easy. - Duration; 2 Hour. O.S. 47

On the B8073, at the north west end of Mull, lies in waiting, a walk that will bring plenty of fresh air into the lungs and start the cognitive mind into thinking of a past, not so much out of mind but by now, certainly out of sight. Complete the walk and discover the remains of what was a crofting community that was, no doubt, a victim of the Highland Clearances. This is Crackaig.

Start of Crackaig Walk on Mull
Start of Crackaig Walk
on Mull

The Edge of the Crackaig Settlement
The Edge of the
Crackaig Settlement

The start of the journey is from the roadside around three miles south of Calgary Bay, which is worth a visit, just to witness the shining bright white sands and possibly the sight of a white tailed eagle. However, forget the digression, the walk is a straightforward one and if you don’t espy a farmhouse from your starting point, then you are on the wrong track. It is the simplest of sojourns, in that the trail is pretty well defined and only rises and falls a few metres of its one mile traverse. You are enclosed north and south by hills high enough to keep out any howling winds, although, these hills, Cruachan Treshnish 216, to the north and Beinn Reudle 232 to the south can sometimes create the wind tunnel that is lovingly called “a sea breeze.”

Crackaig Ruins on Mull
Crackaig Ruins
on the Isle of Mull

The Treshnish Isles
The Treshnish Isles
From Crackaig on Mull

This will be a good decision as the old relics of a community are clearly visible and interesting. One can only think of the people who once called this home and crofted the surrounding area. What kind of life did they have? How did they cope with the weather? How did they interact with each other? Did they fued? A variety of poses will hit the mind as you realise the hardships, strength and courage these people must have had and what happened to them in the final hours. Did they just leave or were they burned out? No doubt someone knows the answer but using your imagination is a lot more fun. Finally, walking over as far as the cliffs, treat yourself to views of The Treshnish Isles, with thoughts of the puffin colony there and Staffa with Fingal’s Cave. For such a relatively short, small walk the rewards are immense.

We hope you enjoyed this Isle of Mull Hillwalking Crackaig Experience


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