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Hillwalking Braemar

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A town on River Clunie where it meets the River Dee.
The Braemar Gathering, Highland Games is usually held here in September. The Braemar Castle dates from the 17th century.
includes Fishing Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Braemar - Scottish Walks.

I spent an excellent summer week on a few walks in and around Braemar, from 21st July to the 29th July. Steeped in history and Royal connections, Braemar on Royal Deeside was always noted in my destination diary and I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to it. Although the walking is plentiful, certainly too much for documenting on this website, I have, however, picked a few one day walks that I am sure will interest you.


Morrone Hill in Aberdeenshire lies about 2 miles South West of Braemar. It's height is reputed to be 2818 feet 0r 859 metres. For more details of my walk in Morrone click here

Morrone and Duck Pond
Morrone Duck Pond



Small Loch and Mountain Ridge, 7 miles/11kms South East of Braemar. For more detail click here for my walking experience in the Lochnagar area


Jock's Road

Knowing the history, walking Jock's Road, gives you all the atmospheric feelings any highland walk can produce For more detail click here for my Jock's Road Walk

The history of Jock's Road & the Scottish Rights of Way Act

Start of Jock's Road
Start of Jocks Road


Linn of Dee Circuit

A popular, lengthy walk that takes in the start of the favourite Lairiag Ghru and a good chance of sighting some red deer.  For more detail click here for my Linn of Dee Circuit Walk

Entrance to the Lairaig Ghru with Shona
Entrance to Linn of Dee Circuit


Creag Choinnich

Dominating Braemar from the North East, Creag Choinnich and it's views, is a hill that cannot be ignored. For more detail click here for my Creag Choinnich Walk

Glen Clunie Looking from the Top of Creag Choinnich
Braemar Village



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