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Hillwalking Ben Stack -  Scottish Walks with Tony Connery

Ben Stack

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Hillwalking Ben Stack, Sutherland

Ben Stack is located in the North West area of Scotland, part Sutherland.
The area includes Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Hillwalking, Climbing, Touring in the Scottish Countryside.

Hillwalking Ben Stack, Sutherland - Scottish Walks.

Ben Stack, Sutherland, North Scotland
Length: 3 mile Duration:  4 Hours.
Difficulty: 8/10 O.S. 9

Probably, best known now, for its association with the demise of Robin Cook, 2005, a British M.P. of some renown, of cardiac arrest, while leaving the mountain, Ben Stack is a considerable climb. When seen from a distance, it stands alone, just a conical of mass, which begs or even dares you to conquer it, depending on your mood. There are two main paths of ascent, one from the north and one from the south, both off the A838 in Sutherland, Scotland. It is in close proximity to the better known mountains of Arkle 787 mtrs and Foinaven 914 mtrs

Ben Stack
View of Sutherland's
Ben Stack

Looking at Arklet form Ben Stack with Shona
Looking at Arklet from
Ben Stack with Shona

The track on the north side can be difficult to locate but basically starts across the road from Lochstack Lodge and appears to be the easier of the two. The southern path is easily sighted just before Loch Stack, travelling north, but only lasts for around two hundred metres and then turns into a bit of a no mans land venture, although keeping your eye on the protruding rocks can be a good guide line for the initial ascent. Before reaching the summit try not to get too disappointed by several false dawns since you have come so far already and the top is only a matter of time

Loch More from Ben Stack
Loch More
From Ben Stack

After sampling the delights of Arkle, the flat toped hill, to the north east, the beauty of Loch Stack from above and also Loch More to the south, the climb then surpasses itself as it opens out near the summit to gift you views to the west of the multitude of lochains below, surely a panorama that will last in the memory for a long time to come. Reaching the top, again fills one with that feeling of accomplishment and the chance to take a break and think one’s own thoughts.

Loch Stack from Ben Stack
Loch Stack
From Ben Stack

Lochains to the North West of Ben Stack
Lochains to the North West
of Ben Stack

Tony On the Summit of Ben Stack
Me on the Summit
of Ben Stack

On descending the southern route, always be careful as the land is very boggy and has a variety of unexpected holes, take your time and don’t rush things at this stage. Although there is no designated path it is still very easy to stray away from your original ascent, but as you are always heading downwards and to civilisation there shouldn’t be too much chance of getting lost on a clear day. As a caution on a misty day, take compass readings.

A fine scramble.  



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