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Hillwalking Dumfries, Auchenlarie & Holiday Park

Hill walking Auchenlarie which is located just off the A75 Dumfries Coastal road, just beyond Gatehouse of Fleet
and looking out to Wigtown Bay and Whithorn on the mainland.
This Scottish Countryside of Dumfries walking area includes Camping, Fishing, Cycling, Sightseeing, Climbing & Touring.

Hillwalking Dumfries, Auchenlarie - Scottish Walks.

Auchenlarie, Dumfries.
Difficulty; 8/10 - Duration; 2 Hour. O.S.

The walk in Auchenlarie is mainly a coastal walk over craggy rocks passing Auchenlarie Holiday park and continuing beyond. The area is in South Dumfries just off the A75 near to Gatehouse of Fleet. Believe it or not but this is a real hard walk over some touch craggy rocks and you have to make sure you are well prepared for this endurance.

The commencement of the walk started just off the A75 after Kirkdale with a small beach and then as we continued over some craggy rocks for about 20 minutes I then came across a rather large Alcove. From here, I had to negotiate some middle-sized craggy rocks right on the water, it is possible to cross if the tide is in. After the crossing I then entered a lovely Alcove that had a small beach with an inviting pathway up the hill which I took advantage of giving me the chance to miss part of the craggy rock route along the beach.

Auchenlarie Alcove Dumfries
Auchenlarie Alcove

Once at the top of the Pathway I looked back out to Wigtown Bay and over to the part of mainland that includes Whithorn. Then once at the top of the pathway I entered the Auchenlarie Holiday Park. There are walkways and roads all over the holiday Park from yellow, red, blue and green sections, covering Stationary Motor-homes, Caravans, tents etc.. Once on the other side of the Holiday park, just down from the main facilitiy section, I ventured down to a small beach and from there I was back amoung those pesky Craggy Rocks. In the distance I could see two rocks side by side with a gap between them, I was determined that I would make that my finishing point.

Auchenlarie Alcove Dumfries
Auchenlarie Bay

Just after Auchenlarie Holiday Park, Dumfries
Looking back at Auchenlarie Park
from small rocks

The rocks to start off with are small round rocks which are tough to negotiate if you treat them lightly but with concentration they did not pose a problem, but after this, the small rocks are stifled by the mother rocks with huge big slate rocks that pop out at sharp angles. I even came across a crab graveyard and you cant help thinking, as you look around the carcases and shells, that the seagulls were having a little natter with each other as they cracked the crabs open for the juicy bits.

Crab Graveyard Dumfries
Crab Graveyard

Just after Auchenlarie Holiday Park, Dumfries
End of Walk on Rocks
at Auchenlarie

Carrying on, the rocks become filled with seaweed and are quite slippery and with the pathway, (we'll say pathway but there is none really), the rocks become quite big and there are some rock islands just out of reach. I have to say that once I had reached the journey end, I knew I could continue the walk but I have to admit I had reached the end of this 2 mile walk and that was without doubt enough for me.

For your information you can take the journey back to Auchenlarlie Holiday park from above the craggy rocks. It runs parallel with this route and is filled with quite densely heather, hidden stones and potholes but there is no man-made path and I suppose you would just do the same as me, take the same route back again across the rocks, this way you know at least what you are negotiating. Be warned in wet weather this is a very dangerous walk.

We hope you enjoyed this Hillwalking Dumfries, Auchenlarie Experience, I know I did with my well earned rest shortly after.


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