Hillwalking Arthur's Seat Edinburgh Scottish Walks with Tony Connery

Arthur's Seat

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Hillwalking Arthur's Seat Edinburgh

Walking Arthurs Seat         Arthurs Seat Accommodation

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh - A dorment volcano located on the south side of Edinburgh,
not to far from Holyrood Palace.

Hillwalking Arthur's Seat Edinburgh - Scottish Walks.

Length: 1 mile Duration: 2 Hours.
Difficulty: 3/10 O.S. 66

I started the walk opposite the car park for Holyrood Palace, which takes you up a steep incline for a spell, then levels out to already offer good views of the city. This path follows a route underneath some steep cliffs, then opens out so that Arthur's Seat comes into full view.

Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Holyrood Park, South of Calton Hill
Looking at Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh, Holyrood Park


Arthur's Seat with Cliffs, Edinburgh
Cliffs at Arthur's Seat
Holyrood Park

From here the path becomes more of a man made staircase, rising steeply at various stages before levelling out on a smaller hill with the Seat only a hundred yards away, five more minutes and you're there and can spend as long as you like taking in the views of the city and castle and assorted landmarks. Further a field, Holy Island can be seen to the south and northwards on a clear day, the Forth bridges are visible.
Since the walk is a relatively short one, and let's say you are not a local, then another few hours visiting a large variety of famous buildings in the area would be a fine way to complete your day.

Arthur's Seat and walkers at the top, Edinburgh
Walkers on Arthur's Seat




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